Weight Gain After Gastric Bypass Surgery

Have you started to regain weight after initial success from gastric bypass? For some gastric bypass patients, over time, the small stomach pouch and the outlet that connects it to the small intestine can stretch out. As a result, patients begin to eat more food before they feel full. We offer a safe and effective endoscopic procedure to repair your enlarged pouch and outlet and return them to their original post-gastric bypass proportions.

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OverStitch™ Endoscopic Repair Procedure

Advanced Surgical Partners of Virginia offers qualified patients an endoscopic procedure to reduce the volume of an enlarged pouch and the diameter of the outlet called OverStitch™. This procedure is performed using a small flexible endoscope and specialized devices that allows real sutures to be placed through the endoscope. The scope and suturing devices are inserted through the mouth into the stomach pouch the same way as a standard endoscope. Sutures are then placed around the outlet to reduce the diameter, typically to about 10mm. The same technique may then be used to place additional sutures in the stomach pouch to reduce its volume capacity.

Endoscopic devices allow physicians to place sutures around the enlarged outlet. The outlet is reduced to about 10 millimeters in diameter. Sutures may also be added to reduce capacity and volume of the stomach pouch.

Pioneers with OverStitch™

Dr. Gregory Schroder performed the first OverStitch™ endoscopic repair procedure in Central Virginia in 2015. "For patients who are skeptical of a second surgery after experiencing setbacks from initial bariatric surgery, they now have an incision-less option with the benefits of less post-operative pain, faster recovery, and no further abdominal scarring, getting them back to their normal lives as quickly as possible," said Schroder regarding the procedure.

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Benefits of OverStitch™

With traditional revision surgery, scarring and adhesions from the initial gastric bypass procedure often make open or laparoscopic surgery very challenging. Abdominal revision surgery usually takes longer than the original gastric bypass and patients are three times more likely to develop complications.

With the OverStitch™ procedure, patients reduce their risks to major abdominal surgery, have less post-operative pain, recover faster and have no abdominal scars. Typically, patients go home the same day, but each patient’s discharge will vary based on his/her physician’s recommendation.

Side Effects of OverStitch™

It is anticipated that patients will feel little or no discomfort from OverStitch™. Minor side effects may include nausea, a temporary sore throat, swollen tongue, and lip pain from the insertion of the endoscope into the mouth. If you experience extreme discomfort or unexpected side effects after surgery, you should consult your physician immediately.

Recovery Process

Typically, patients return to their normal routine within 48 hours. Following OverStitch™, patients should follow the same diet and exercise regimen they did after their initial gastric bypass surgery.

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