Hormones and Their Role in Obesity

Hormones play an important role in controlling weight. Metabolism, appetite and satiety are regulated by hormonal and neuronal signals. In an obese person, hormones such as Ghrelin, Leptin and PYY are present in higher or lower levels than normal. When an obese person tries to diet, the body fights this by sending hormonal and neuronal signals to resist the effort.

According to an Annual Review of Medicine article published in 2003, researchers found that reduced caloric diets and subsequent weight loss triggered a cascade of hormones that encouraged the body to regain weight by increasing the individual’s appetite (Ghrelin), decreasing satiety (PYY/CCK) and decreasing energy expenditure (Leptin/ Melanocortin).Hormonal levels still had not returned to pre-diet levels even 12 months after dieting.

Source: Ethicon